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I don’t know whether it was my Dad’s incredible photos, Sigur Ros or a school project that made me want to visit Iceland but I’ve wanted to for a long time. It has always struck me as a beautiful, desolate, friendly, vast, lonely, dramatic and powerful place. Bleak and wild. It somehow forms a complete fantasy world in my head to the extent that I just can’t imagine any corner of it being without some sort of charm or magic.

After booking flights a month or so ago, it’s now just 26 days until me and the boy depart for this land of folklore, vikings and gnomes and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m also terrified. I’ve built it up to be such a wonderful place in my mind that I’m not sure it can ever live up to my expectations – but then, I’m yet to meet anyone who has come away disappointed, so fingers crossed.

We’re not trying to be ambitious, especially as neither of us drive, and will be spending 4 nights in Reykjavik, followed by 2 in Stykkisholmur and 2 in Isafjordur before flying back to Reykjavik for a final night. There don’t seem to be many resources online, or other blogs, that really cover their trips (especially by public transport in detail) so I’ll be trying hard to layout what we did, what we planned, what was good and what wasn’t. But I think first things first, let’s have some photos…

These are all from Hrabina von Tup Tup on Flickr

The light! The jumpers! The ponies! Why is it all so perfect!?

More soon…