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A super-quick update to say that I want to buy almost every piece of clothing Kate Spade makes. Such a gorgeous collection and a beautiful model. Completely in love, though unfortunately, not so much with the price tag.

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PS. Iceland was amazing, and I promise a full run-through with photos will be along shortly!


These are the things I’d be buying:

1950s novelty print dress from Allen Company Inc. on Etsy

New lingerie range by 3.1 Phillip Lim

(Seriously, this range is everything I want; simple, soft, pastal coloured, perfect)

The Weekender Tote by DNTX on Etsy

The reason though that I have no money is that I have recently bought a bunch of new stuff to make my room tidy and cosy, a load of 1930s feedsack fabric for quilting and am planning a holiday to Iceland which I am sure you will hear more about soon…


Lover “Sacred Hearts”

I don’t really understand the fashion industry. They’re all showing their ‘fall’ collections now whilst I’m just getting warmed up to the idea of Spring. I reckon I might just as well combine the two though, so here are just a few of the things, designers and looks I have been enjoying, and am hoping to wear in the next few months.

Cabbages & Roses

Permenant Vacation


Steven Alan


Rachel Antonoff

Basically, I want anything involving tailored shorts or trousers, striped or nautical, or, y’know, a kitten.