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A corner of my current room

It seems everyone is moving at the moment and I’m no exception. Upping sticks after 3 (really quite happy) years in the same house is definitely sad, and I’ve lived in the same little square of London for 5 years which makes venturing north to Dalston seem like a real adventure. The only good thing about moving it seems, is the promise of getting re-settled and having an excuse to buy lovely homewares. Here a few of the things I’ve been taking inspiration from…

Shauna & Stephen’s apartment is incredible and has so many little bits in it I’d like to try out. They’ve completely sold me on the idea of a forest wall. My new bedroom is also shelved completely down one wall, aside from a fireplace, so my current plan is to keep everything on display, or in crates and baskets, on those.

I love the furniture & colour scheme used by Jutta (via Design Sponge) and I’d really like to try out grey walls if my landlord would allow it.

As mentioned back up there, the one thing I’m pretty set on is an open wardrobe and shelves full of wooden crates, wire baskets and old drawers. I can’t remember where these photos are from, but they sum up what I’m after…



ThreePotatoFour have almost everything I want, but the shipping would be over $100 which definitely (sadly) counts it out. Our move is in 6 days now and I’m hoping to take plenty of photos to document the whole painful/fun process.


Picture 5

A super-quick update to say that I want to buy almost every piece of clothing Kate Spade makes. Such a gorgeous collection and a beautiful model. Completely in love, though unfortunately, not so much with the price tag.

Picture 4Picture 3Picture 2

PS. Iceland was amazing, and I promise a full run-through with photos will be along shortly!