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Me and a friend are starting a new monthly club, where we invite all our (girl)friends and potential future friends to come along to a room in a pub for an evening of wine, craft and chatting. We’re describing it as a get-toegther for grown-up Brownies without the stupid traditions. So, if you’re from London, female and free on 9th June, then come along!

More details are here.


This is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen. An early 1900s quilt made of cigarette silks (whatever they are! The mind boggles!) It’s also for sale on Etsy, for about $700 more than I can dream of affording. Thanks to Sally Jane Vintage for pointing me towards possibly the only Etsy shop I’ve somehow never managed to stumble across myself: BeautifulReign

Picture 2

I’ve had Cody Cloud’s website open in a tab in Firefox for about 3 weeks now and have been meaning to write a blog every time I open my laptop. I’m finally doing it now. I think I’m in love with each of his shots and I’m always a sucker for animals and zoos. His series in Shanghai Zoo actually makes it look the loneliest place on earth though, if you’re an animal at least.

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 7

Cody Cloud’s website can be found here. Also worth a look (and indeed a seperate post) is his partner in photographic crime, Julia Galdo.