I’ve spent the last couple of weekends by the sea. Morecambe with my boyfriend and then Swansea with work. One was a step back to the 20s and the other to the 60s. I wish I’d taken my polaroid to Swansea as it would have loved the architecture. I did however take it to Morecambe, where we stayed in the beautiful, recently re-furbished Midland Hotel.

Morecambe itself feels like it still has a lot of catching up to do. The Midland is perched between the sea and a rather ugly leisure park, consisting of giant supermarkets, bowling and cinema, feeling like it should be on the outskirts, not slap-bang in the centre of town. There’s also the long-demolished theme park Frontierland, where all that’s left is the bizarre Polo Tower. Whilst the town may not yet live up to the glamour of The Midland it does hide a few gems including classic cafes and ice cream parlours, plenty of charity shops and stunning views. I’d also thoroughly recommend The Curry Leaf. That is, if you like squirty cream on your tikka masala.