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Last weekend we went for a walk from our house, to the London 2012 Olympic site, along the River Lee and down the Greenway. Since we last visited in September ’08 the stadium has come along quite a bit. That’s still the only thing that has really been started though. Be interesting to see how it develops over the coming months and years; with any luck, it’ll actually be ready in time.

(By the way, have I mentioned I sometimes take polaroids?)


Jackson Eaton seems to be pretty good at taking photos, particularly initimate portraits. His world is helping soothe my tired Sunday morning head.

This is his website and this is his Flickr

Alex Fitzgerald is somewhat of a mystery to me. Someone posted a photo of his to their tumblr (I can’t even recall who, but it’s probably one of those in my links section) and I was smitten. His Flickr and website don’t give much away, but they do hold a handful of great photos that are a bit of everything I love.

Photo via wickwelsh on Flickr

It’s that point in the year already where Christmas seems a lifetime ago and I’m craving a bit of sea air and an escape from London. As you may have guessed from the blog title, I’m a fan of anything to do with the British seaside. Recently I’ve been dreaming of remote beach huts and cosy cottages, snuggled on windswept coastlines.

I don’t think anything beats this remarkable cliff-top hut in Cornwall as the perfect getaway cottage though. It’s available to rent (for quite a price!) through Unique Property. One can but dream!




found by Albert’s Eye on Flickr

Found photos offer us glimpses into unknown lives, leaving it up to us to create their story and figure out their lives. I love these photos taken by unknown photographers and was browsing found photos on Flickr yesterday when I came across Maurine and Noreene in signs and wonders photostream. Two twins, photographed between the 30s and the 90s, always wearing identical outfits. They’re just fabulous all the way through, and without even knowing them, I hate the thought that one might have had to have lived without the other for even a day.

For more photos, or a bit of background information about the twins, check out this set on Flickr. The ‘finder’ of these photos has also said he’d like nothing more than for these to be reuinted with the twins’ family, so if you have any leads…

I bought a book called Higley, by Andrew Phelps for my boyfriend for his birthday. It offers a sparse representation of a marginalised community; of a forgotten America being left behind. All of his work has a similar feel, careful composition and the ability to make you see the mundane in a new light.

For more, and to buy his rather nice books, visit

Gordon Burniston is Scottish and takes photos of highland landscapes, girls in great clothes and everything else in between. He’s really rather good at it. Some other people must think so too as he was also named Sunday Herald’s Young Fashion Photographer of the Year 2008. Good work!

You can find Gordon on: His Blog / Flickr / MySpace

As long as I’m not on my way to work, or going out, or in a hurry, rain can be one of my favourite things. The house I grew up in had stone gutters and laying in bed listening to torrential rain was perfect. (If not depressingly bleak)

The current bad weather is making me want some of the things that have been on my list all winter even more. A cable knit, oversized cardigan, a fur hat, some granny boots and a cameo brooch.


Matthew Genitempo takes photos that make me want to pack up my things, get on a plane, and spend the next five years exploring America.

If you like him as much as me you this where you can find his: Flickr, Website, Blog

This is my horse. She’s called Cleo and I don’t see her enough anymore. It’s the price you pay for living in London. Here are some more horse photos that are making my Sunday just that little bit better.

all found on